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TrueCrypt 6.2 Rus

TrueCrypt 6.2

Обновилась TrueCrypt - утилита, которая позволяет создавать виртуальные зашифрованные диски, которые затем могут использоваться как обычные логические диски системы. Допустимые алгоритмы шифрования: AES (256-bit key), Blowfish (448-bit key), CAST5 (128-bit key), Serpent (256-bit key), Triple DES, Twofish (256-bit key)...

В качестве зашифрованного хранилища ("диска") можно использовать как часть свободного места на диске, так и целиком один из имеющихся разделов жесткого диска, а также flash-карты, дискеты и другие съемные устройства хранения данных.

Чтобы добавить русский интерфейс, просто скопируйте файл из архива в папку с установленной программой и измените язык в настройках (Settings - Language). Ссылка с оф.сайта - на англоязычную версию, русскую локализацию придеться выкачивать самостоятельно.

TrueCrypt is a software designed to protect your important data by encrypting it. It can also maintain an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device).

Files can be copied to and from a mounted TrueCrypt volume just like they are copied to/from any normal disk (for example, by simple drag-and-drop operations). Files are automatically being decrypted on-the-fly (in memory/RAM) while they are being read or copied from an encrypted TrueCrypt volume.

Similarly, files that are being written or copied to the TrueCrypt volume are automatically being encrypted on-the-fly (right before they are written to the disk) in RAM. Note that this does not mean that the whole file that is to be encrypted/decrypted must be stored in RAM before it can be encrypted/decrypted. There are no extra memory (RAM) requirements for TrueCrypt on cwer.ws.

What's New:

New features:

  • The I/O pipeline now uses read-ahead buffering, which improves read performance especially on solid-state drives, typically by 30-50%. (Windows)

Improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements:
  • The boot loader now supports motherboards with BIOSes that reserve large amounts of base memory (typically for onboard RAID controllers). Note: In order to be able to take advantage of this improvement under Windows Vista, you will have to install Service Pack 1 or higher first. Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista resolved an issue causing a shortage of free base memory during system boot. (Windows Vista/XP/2008/2003)
  • Mounting using the 'Auto-Mount Devices' feature may take significantly less time as partitions containing unencrypted filesystems are now skipped. (Windows)
  • When volumes that are mounted as read-only or removable are saved as favorite volumes, they are mounted as read-only and/or removable when 'Mount Favorite Volumes' is used.
  • When a multiple-pass wipe algorithm is selected when performing in-place encryption of a non-system volume, the header areas will be wiped before the encrypted headers are written to the disk. Note: On an existing volume, you can perform such an operation by changing its password and/or keyfiles. (Windows Vista/2008)
  • Many other minor improvements, bug fixes and security enhancements. (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)


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Лучшая программа для создания виртуальных шифрованных контейнеров, просто незаменима, особенно в командировках.