Hot Potatoes

Программа, предоставляющая возможность создавать интерактивные задания без знания языков программирования. Hot potatoes позволяет создавать интерактивные, обучающие упражнения на базе Web. Особенностью этой программы является то, что созданные задания сохраняются в стандартном формате веб-страницы: для их использования ученикам необходим только веб-браузер.

New features in version 6.2:

  • All the applications now support Unicode data and configuration on Windows 2000 and XP. This means you can create exercises in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc
  • The V6 output format has been extensively rewritten to make it 100% XHTML 1.1-compliant
  • All exercises can now have time-limits placed on them (instead of on the reading text)
  • JQuiz now handles four question types, including multiple-choice and short-answer, and you can mix question types in one exercise. (The old JBC no longer exists, because JQuiz does all question-based formats.)
  • JQuiz questions can be weighted, and answers can be designated as (for example) "30% correct", to enable more sophisticated scoring
  • Exercise output has been designed so that it's easier to edit in common Web editor programs such as DreamWeaver. For instance, the text of a gapfill exercise is now part of the XHTML body, and can be edited WYSIWYG-style
  • Source files have been modularized to make them easier to understand, edit and maintain
  • A new Insert Object wizard allows you to create nested XHTML object tags to embed common media players into exercises
  • All old output formats have been removed, to simplify the applications and keep bloat to a minimum. However, if you still want to use v5 output, you can continue to run version 5 alongside version 6
  • The suite has a new-look interface, with new icons which we hope are clearer and more colourful than the old ones, and many changes have been made to increase support for accessibility
  • Using the Create SCORM package function on the File menu, you can now create a SCORM 1.2 zip package containing your exercise HTML file, along with any associated media files it requires. The Masher has a similar Create SCORM unit package function on its Actions menu. A SCORM package can be uploaded into a Learning Management System such as Moodle, enabling the exercise(s) to report their scores and other information to the LMS


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