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DialogBlocks 5.02.1


DialogBlocks - ресурсный редактор для удобного создания и редактирования диалоговых окон. Позволяет создавать полноценные окошки со всеми причиндалами: менюшками, тулбарами и т.п. Полученный результат можно сохранить в виде C++/XRC файла и подключить к вашему Visual C проекту.

DialogBlocks 5

Возможности программы:

  • wxAuiToolBar support
    New! Now DialogBlocks supports wxAuiToolBar, an enhanced toolbar for use with or without wxAUI. wxAuiToolBar supports drop-down buttons, control labels and overflow items.
  • Analysis tool
    DialogBlocks now has an analysis tool for highlighting common problems in your projects, including empty sizers, obsolete styles, and identifier value clashes.
  • Tabbed palette
    We've added a tabbed palette, with elements grouped by category. This visual tool makes it much easier to choose appropriate controls and sizers.
  • wxAUI support
    DialogBlocks supports wxAUI - any dialog, frame or panel can be a wxAUI manager, handling sizing and positioning of its child windows.
  • wxGridBagSizer support
    DialogBlocks handles wxGridBagSizer, with drag and drop positioning of controls in a grid.
  • wxPropertySheetDialog, for settings dialogs
    DialogBlocks directly supports wxPropertySheetDialog, for easy editing of your application's settings pages.
  • Conditional user interfaces
    DialogBlocks supports the ability to adapt the user interface to the UI guidelines of different platform. Just mark elements as for one platform (or several), and preview the look for any given platform.
  • IDE-like facilities
    DialogBlocks supports compilation with most popular compilers, building both your projects and matching wxWidgets libraries. DialogBlocks can create makefiles for BC++, VC++, GCC, MinGW, Cygwin, Digital Mars C++, and Watcom C++. It can create project files for VC++ 6, 7, 7.1, 8, and 9. DialogBlocks automatically reloads files that are edited by an external application.
  • wxFrame, wxMenuBar, wxToolBar and wxStatusBar editing
    DialogBlocks handles frames, complete with wxMenuBar, wxToolBar and wxStatusBar.
  • Validators
    DialogBlocks supports validators and custom variables. Just add a variable, select the variable and a validator, and the data transfer between variable and control is done for you.
  • wxWizard editing
    DialogBlocks is the only wxWidgets dialog editor to support in-situ wxWizard editing. You add pages and change the wizard bitmap while viewing the wizard as it will appear to the user. Just add data transfer, validation and page route logic to the generated C++ code.
  • C++ and XRC output
    DialogBlocks exports C++ and XRC (the wxWidgets resource format). You can optionally generate the C++ to reflect the use of an XRC file; or you can leave it to generate explicit control creation calls. The generated C++ needs very few additional changes to get it compiling with your project.
  • XRC import
    Import your existing XRC sizer-based dialogs.
DialogBlocks 5.02.1

What can DialogBlocks help you do?:

  • create resizeable, portable dialogs;
  • create complex wizards and property sheet dialogs;
  • create frames complete with menubar and toolbar;
  • create wxAUI-based layouts with docking;
  • see and edit the properties for each control or sizer in a convenient, consistent property editor;
  • output to C++ or XRC;
  • give your dialogs context-sensitive help and tooltips;
  • store image resources and convert to inline or file-based XPMs;
  • edit the generated C++ code by hand, but have DialogBlocks insert changes to the dialog;
  • preview your dialogs, then quickly compile and run the application from within DialogBlocks;
  • build wxWidgets from within DialogBlocks;
  • migrate your old Windows RC dialogs as first-shot wxWidgets dialogs before full sizer-based conversion.

ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Что нового в этой версии:

  • Reverted part of an efficiency measure on Windows (comparing the current buffer with the generated code in order to know whether the undo stack could be left intact) that caused poor performance when saving large source files.


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