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OCCT 9.0.5 Final RePack

Многоязычная установочная и портативная версии в одном установщике от elchupakabra!

OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) - тест стабильности системы, который представляет собой более красочный аналог известного Prime с возможностью проверки подсистемы памяти и отдельно процессора с функциями мониторинга и выводе детальных графиков по всем контролируемым пунктам. Считывание показателей материнских плат и процессоров обеспечивается за счет взаимодействия с известными программными решениями подобного класса, а именно MotherBoard Monitor, SpeedFan и Lavalys Everest.


Мониторинг температуры и других параметров системы во время тестирования осуществляется и с помощью сторонних программ (поддерживаются MBM5, Speedfan и Everest Ultimate Edition). Также OCCT может строить графики изменения температуры и напряжений во время тестирования.


  • Поддержка вплоть до 16 ядер (например, для Quad-Kentsfield или Octo-Conroe)
  • Настраиваемые тесты (продолжительность, приоритет процессора или оперативной памяти и др.)
  • Поддержка мониторинга через приложения сторонних производителей (например, MBM5, SpeedFan и Everest)
  • Может производить графики, показывающие температуру и напряжение во время теста
  • Поддержка нескольких языков

Изменения в версии 8.0.0:

  • MAIN : changed the minimum size of the window to better reflect recent changes
  • MAIN : Added the test start date & time to the test log
  • MAIN : more code cleanup
  • MAIN : Highly optimized UI startup time
  • MAIN : Greatly lowered CPU Usage
  • MAIN : Major code cleanup and optimization pass to the code base
  • MONITORING : removed "Nvidia" "AMD" and "Intel" from the device names in the usage graphs - AMD isn't going to release a GeForce anytime soon
  • MONITORING : Improved the graphs title by truncating only the test name, not the value, if there isn't enough room for both
  • MONITORING : Updated and now with AMD Snapshot support
  • MONITORING : Charts have been completly revamped and are now single-line
  • MONITORING : if a value has a decimal part, it is now always displayed, up to two digits decimal
  • MONITORING : Voltages are now displayed as 3-digit decimal numbers
  • MONITORING : Tuned default sensor rules to better account for AMD CPUs
  • SYSINFO : allowed for multiline headers (especially useful for memory)
  • SYSINFO : added very detailed information about memory modules
  • UI : better layout for almost all test options
  • UI : Rewrote the test settings layout
  • UI : Added a test log to see what's going on internally - and report more detailed information
  • UI : Rewrote test status indicator and summary
  • CPU : Added "Advanced thread settings" option
  • CPU : Added a "select active core" option in the advanced thread settings
  • CPU : Added a "Core cycle" option to switch active cores at a specified period
  • CPU : Added an option to invert active cores at a specified period
  • REPORT : lots of enhancements to the personal report ( looks & infos)
  • SETTINGS : Changed many things in the settings ( especially layout). This will trigger a settings file reset though !

Изменения в версии 8.1.0:

  • Main: Added an auto-updater feature
  • Main: Lots of code cleanup and refactoring
  • Main: Workaround - Nvidia drivers apply G-sync to OCCT's GUI (which is pointless), which results in mouse stuttering
  • Ui: Revamped the settings screen and moved it into its separate section
  • Monitoring: Added Core usage monitoring section
  • Monitoring: Added a no monitoring option - the engine will still be started, but never updated to keep CPU usage low
  • Monitoring: Added a "Monitoring interval" settings, controlling how often should the monitoring be updated
  • Monitoring: Added a "Graph update" setting, controlling how often should the graphs be updated
  • Monitoring: Improved CPU Core usage sensor detection algorithm
  • Cpu: Fixed issues with core affinity on systems with more than 64 cores
  • Cpu: Added "Cycle" display in summary, which shows which cycle you are in. Each cycle uses different operands
  • Cpu: Added "Start at cycle" option, which enables you to skip to a particular cycle if it proved more effective than others
  • Memory: Fixed various issues on systems with more than 64 cores
  • Gpu: You can now test simultaneously several GPUs, even of different brands (no SLI/Crossfire required)
  • Power: You can now test simultaneously several GPUs, even of different brands (no SLI/Crossfire required)
  • Enterprise: Added a new program "OcctCmd", to the enterprise edition - you can now run OCCT without any GUI, using a full command line interface (supports running tests only, there's no way to replicate OCCT's GUI in command line)
  • Enterprise: Greatly improved the report generation speed at the end of a long test

Изменения в версии 8.1.1:

  • Small update to avoid a false positive detection in Microsoft's antivirus

Изменения в версии 8.2.0:

  • Greatly lowered OCCT UI's memory usage
  • Improved switching time between tabs
  • Global UI enhancements to speed things up
  • Updated engine - More memory timings, fixes for Zhaoxing CPUs
  • Added a setting for hardware or software rendering - Hardware gives best performance but Nvidia's G-Sync is bugged and might cause mouse lag if G-sync is enabled for Windowed mode
  • Fixed average value calculations in the report
  • Fixed the graphs not being properly cropped to their relative test range
  • Fixed the test log missing the final "completed" line when generating a report automatically

Изменения в версии 8.2.4:

  • A LOT of optimization : less memory usage, faster tab switching, less CPU usage...
  • Added a setting to choose between hardware and software rendering. Hardware gives best performance, but Nvidia's drivers are buggy, and may cause mouse lag / brightness flicker if G-Sync is enabled
  • Monitoring engine update with fixes for Zhaoxing CPUs and support for more memory timings on AMD platforms

Изменения в версии 9.0.0:

  • Added Benchmarks for CPU and Memory to OCCT !
  • Added a graph bar to the benchmarks for comparison purposes
  • Added meaningful tooltips to the graph’s bars so you can know quickly what’s going on
  • OCCT now uploads all monitoring data along with the system information to ocbase
  • Major UI refresh
  • Major bugfixes and improvements
  • Fixed some shadows feeling out place
  • Added a scrollbar in the settings screen
  • Prevented tab change in all cases when a test is running
  • Update HwInfo to 7.05
  • Improved parsing of Motherboard properties
  • The “Fixed” thread mode doesn’t force thread affinity anymore – this allows this mode to follow CPPC preferred core mechanism. The drawback is you don’t know, in this mode, which core produced an error
  • Added “–cpu-benchmarks” and “–memory-benchmarks” command line switches to add benchmarks to the current schedule

Изменения в версии 9.0.3:

  • Fixed a critical issue in OcctCmd refusing to start a Cpu test if certain settings were set. The fix may require you to regenerate the test files.
  • Updated Espanol, Italiano, Portuguese and English languages

Изменения в версии 9.0.5:

  • Fixed : If a previously saved test (Enterprise) or a test saved in a config file generated from a computer with several GPUs ( Personal, Pro) was executed on a computer with fewer GPUs, it would result in a OCCT hang. Thanks Zack !

ОС: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64 bit only).

Особенности репака OCCT:

  • Совмещённые в одном дистрибутиве установка программы или распаковка портативной версии (portable app формат)
  • Мультиязычный интерфейс (включая русский)
  • Возможность подхвата и автокопирования пользовательского файла настроек программы OCCT.config.json

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