n-Track Studio 6.0.1 Build 2406

n-Track Studio поможет вам превратить ваш компьютер в домашнюю звукозаписывающую студию. Программа представляет полнофункциональную многотрековую аудиостудию, позволяющую в домашних условиях создавать свои собственные профессиональные музыкальные композиции. Вы сможете записывать и воспроизводить огромное число аудио и MIDI треков одновременно, накладывать всевозможные эффекты на каждый трек, работать с каналами и т.д. Кроме стандартных эффектов (Reverb, Compression, EQ, Echo, Auto volume, Pitch Shift и Chorus), программа позволяет подключать DirectX и VST 2.0 плагины от сторонних разработчиков. N-Track Studios может работать с любыми стандартными или многоканальными 16 и 24-битными звуковыми картами.

Что нового в n-Track Studio v6.0:
[quote=ntrack.com]Main New Fatures
* Realtime crossfade between parts overlapped in timeline, crossfade option in timeline popup menu
* RMS Level meters, with RMS+Peak option and support for K-System metering.
Allows for more accurate metering of audio loudness and enables monitoring using Bob Katz K-System, with presets for K-12, K-14 and K-20)
* Signal Path View window
(Shows a realtime representation of the routing of audio signals in the audio engine, enables to intuitively alter signal routing parameters and connections)
* Support for Wave64 file format (Support for wave files that have length that exceeds the 2 Gb limitation of regular .wav files, using either .wav or .w64 extensions)
* The program no longer requires Microsft .NET to be installed and the 'Enable Microsoft .Net' setting in Preferences/Option can be disabled so that n-Track will not use .NET even if it is installed on the computer.
* Reduced resources usage: n-Track 6.0 starts faster than v5.x, uses less memory and CPU

Performance Optimizations
* Performance improvements in recording/playback at low latencies
* Speedup of most destructive wave editing operations (copy, cut, silence, insert etc.)
* Speedup generation of npk files used for displaying waveforms
* Speedup in adding/removing tracks when using a multichannel soundcard and Live input processing on

* Duplicate waveform dragging while holding down Windows key
* Per part volume knob in part properties box (that appears double clicking on waveform). Volume adjustment is visually to waveform
* Dragging a waveform beyond the end loops the wave file
* Angled edges of waveform frame, more angled when waveform end is open or looped
* Volume Envelopes: "Click adds node" toggle option to avoid inadvertedly adding envelope nodes. When "Click adds node" is disabled "Add node" must be selected from popup menu
* Volume Envelopes: when "Click adds node" is disabled mouse drags envelope segments
* Volume Envelopes: set selected node to Maximum, Center, Minimum context menu commands
* Volume Envelopes: text entering of selected node value
* When skin doesn't contain a button in multiple-buttons image files (e.g. ntrck4.bmp) program reverts missing button to default button in default skin image file
* Color of track name text in left track bar customizable via Skin dialog box
* Mixer Sliders customization based on slider type: "Track_Audio", "Track_MIDI", "Master", "Aux", "Group", "Instrument", "ReWire", "Surround_Output" with "SendVolume" for send sliders
(e.g. Slider0Track_AudioSendVolume.png, Slider0MasterDown.png, SliderHover0Track_MIDI.png, SliderDown0Instrument.png)
* Track EQ window Minimize-Maximize button in place of "Show All EQ Controls" popup menu command
* Removed odd 'Create also an [Mp3/Wma/Ogg] version in Mixdown dialog box and moved output format selection in Save As file selection dialog box
* Toolbar button to toggle the 'Song Comments' window
* "Open Containing Folder" option in audio file right click context menu
* Wave file sizes are now expressed in Gb, Mb or Kb depending on size instead of always Kb
* Multiple external wave editors can be defined in the Settings/Prefrences/Paths dialog box
* Transport buttons (Play, Rec etc.) can now have custom width defined in Skin.xml

Bugs fixed
* Fixed volume envelopes not correctly latency-compensated when song has plugins with latency
Fixed Mixdown dialog box asking twice if you want to overwrite destination file
* Fixed mixer stripe selection toolbar and mixer buttons not updating when skin is changed
* Fixed crash when importing MIDI files that have erroneos or corrupt information (e.g. some files exported by Hydrogen drum machine)
* Fixed 'Revert to last zoom' button having no action after 'Zoom All' command
* Fixed 'Voice-level activated recording' sometimes getting stuck always recording. Now it also disable 'auto-scroll timeline' (Ctrl+T).
* Fixed graphic redraw problem on Windows Vista of lower portion of CD Burn window.
* Fixed problem in CD Burn and Sampling Frequency Conversion window multiple-file file requester dialog box.[/quote]

Список изменений в n-Track Studio 6.0.1 Build 2406 от 25/10/2008:
[quote=ntrack.com]- Fixed program freezing when editing tempo control in transport toolbar during playback on a song with one or more VSTis
- Fixed crash clicking on EQ button on Track Mixer window when the selected Track EQ box was already open[/quote]


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