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VueMinder Ultimate 2018.00 + Portable

VueMinder Ultimate

VueMinder - программа, которая поможет систематизировать ваше время. Составьте себе расписание и получайте напоминания когда угодно и где угодно. Получайте всю информацию о встречах, заданиях и записях, просто взглянув на прозрачный календарь, который находится прямо на вашем рабочем столе. Открывайте совместный доступ к календарю на работе, дома или в Интернете. Автоматическая синхронизация календаря с Google Calendar и Outlook. Вы сможете распечатать календарь, используя любой из предоставленных стилей и шаблонов. Вы сможете запланировать и сделать очень много с помощью VueMinder.

VueMinder Ultimate 2018.00 + Portable

Основные возможности:

  • Гибкие опции напоминаний.
  • Синхронизация с Google Calendar
  • Возможность интеграции в Microsoft Outlook и Excel.
  • Встроенный календарь рабочего стола.
  • Возможность полностью настроить то, как отображаются записи в календаре.
  • Возможность просматривать день, неделю, месяц и т.д.
  • Открывайте общий доступ к календарю по локальной сети.
  • Отправляйте весь календарь или отдельные встречи и напоминания по электронной почте.
  • Управление данными.
  • И много других функций.

VueMinder Ultimate 2018.00 + Portable
Изменения в версии 2018.00
  • Added the ability to decline read-only meetings that were organized by a different account in a calendar that is synced with Exchange Server or Google Calendar, even if the calendar is synced 1-way. Previously, read-only meetings couldn't be deleted within VueMinder.
  • Added the ability to export selected events to an ICS file. Multiple events can be selected for export, even if they are associated with different calendars.
  • Added an option to change the size of text shown in the Details Pane.
  • Added the ability to completely close/hide the Distribution Lists panel on the Contacts tab.
  • Added a Duplicate button to the Category editor, for creating a copy of a category and its appearance settings.
  • Added an option to not attempt to connect to Internet time servers for retrieving accurate timestamps. If you don't sync calendars this option can be safely disabled.
  • Improved the Desktop Calendar to restore its previously size and position when switching monitor resolutions and/or multi-monitor configurations.
  • Improved the hotkey for showing the main VueMinder window. If the main window is already visible and displayed above other windows, pressing the hotkey again will minimize the main window.
  • Improved the "Quick Print" right-click command to work with multiple selected items.
  • Improved the popup reminder window to always restore the previously specified snooze time for an individual event or task as the default the next time the reminder appears for that event or task.
  • Improved importing ICS files containing events having multiple reminders and/or email reminders. Previously, email reminders would import as popup reminders.
  • Improved exporting ICS files to include email reminders and recipients. Email reminders can be imported into other calendar programs that support this functionality.
  • Improved importing CSV files to be compatible with files that are formatted with semicolons or tab delimiters instead of commas.
  • Improved entering times in the "Start time" and "End time" fields of the Event and Task Editors. When only 2 digits are entered, they will be assumed to be hours instead of minutes. For example, 10 will be 10:00. Military time can also be entered, such as 1430 for 2:30 PM.
  • Improved the Contact List to allow copying and pasting of text between cells.
  • Improved the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists to restore the position of custom field columns. Previously, custom fields would always move to the right-most columns after restarting VueMinder.
  • Improved to allow copying and pasting appearances of selected categories, priorities, and locations in the Calendar Items area, regardless of which color mode is currently active. Appearances can be copied and pasted using commands in the Edit menu or buttons on the Appearance toolbar.
  • Improved linking folders to events, tasks, and notes. The folder browser will default to the previously selected folder, rather than always defaulting to the top-level.
  • Corrected syncing of recurring events with Exchange Server when created in VueMinder and configured with advanced patterns such as every 3 months on the second Tuesday. The events would sometimes move to Jan 1 and have the wrong recurrence pattern after syncing.
  • Corrected to remove occurrences of recurring meetings from VueMinder when they have been declined or cancelled on Exchange Server. Previously, these occurrences would continue to display in VueMinder and could not be removed.
  • Corrected cancelled occurrences of recurring meetings in calendars that are synced with Google Calendar to not sometimes re-appear after the calendar syncs.
  • Corrected exporting popup reminders and desktop alerts to ICS files to include an action type of "display", for better compatibility with importing reminders into other calendar programs.
  • Corrected exporting reminders to ICS files for recurring events. If the recurring series began before the current date, reminders wouldn't export.
  • Corrected displayed SMS reminder recipients. In some cases, the same recipient could be listed multiple times after saving and re-opening the event or task.
  • Corrected the "Send Email" button at the top of the Event Editor to attach the event as an ICS file, the same as when selecting "Send Event via Email" option from the event's right-click menu.
  • Corrected the "Send Now" button for an email reminder in the Event and Task Editor to include any files that have been attached to the event or task on the Files tab.
  • Corrected the "Help -> Send Feedback or Bug Report" menu command on computers where no default email program is installed or configured. Previously, the menu command would do nothing.
  • Corrected deletion of the "default" category. The default category would re-appear when creating or opening a task, even if the task isn't associated with any category.
  • Corrected the category list to not re-initialize to the default when VueMinder restarts if all categories were intentionally deleted or if there's only one category defined.
  • Corrected the Event List to not reset the sort order when an event is marked as complete.
  • Corrected the Note List context menu for notes that aren't pinned to dates to be consistent with the context menu for notes that are pinned.
  • Corrected notes in the Note List to not disappear when category appearances are copied and pasted.
  • Corrected the content of the Details Pane to show the currently selected note or task if it's associated with a date and the previously selected note or task was not.
  • Corrected events that were previously linked to a note to not be removed when the "Link -> New Event" button is clicked on the Links tab of the Note Editor.
  • Corrected notes to not sometimes be changed into tasks when adding links to other items.
  • Corrected the Related Tasks tab in the Task Editor to show the details of the selected task row and to enable the "Remove" button.
  • Corrected the Edit->Undo menu command to work if task row has been dragged and dropped (as a subtask) onto another task in the Task List.
  • Corrected the Category, Priority, and Location rows in the Calendar Items area to properly refresh after an appearance change is undone.
  • Corrected the Calendar Properties for published calendars when the option to automatically publish changes at a specified time of day is unchecked.
  • Corrected printing events that span multiple months when using the Monthly layout and the "Whole month without overflow" option is selected. Previously, the events would only appear on the first and last months, not the months in between.
  • Corrected the Title field on the Task Editor to respond to Ctrl+Arrow key presses.
  • Corrected the font size on the Description Editor toolbar to not allow very small values (like 1) to be entered and to behave properly when typing a font size value instead of using the drop-down.
  • Corrected previewing a desktop alert for an event which has a custom appearance. The preview will now use the specified custom appearance instead of defaulting to gray.
  • Corrected the "Click to add" button to not appear if the button would overlap any event, task, or note in the hovered date or timeslot.
  • Corrected the display of tooltips when hovering over events, tasks, and notes. If the Details Pane border color was set to transparent in the Appearance Options, the tooltips wouldn't display.
  • Corrected VueMinder to fully exit if the data is protected with a password and the Close button is clicked on the password dialog that is displayed when VueMinder starts. Previously, VueMinder would minimize and continue to run, even though it was inaccessible.
  • Corrected the password input field on the password dialog to have initial keyboard input focus.
  • Corrected the USB version to re-display instead of completely restarting when already running and the shortcut to start the USB version is used.
  • Corrected an intermittent error message when performing an auto-backup on some computers.
  • Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations.
  • Other minor corrections and improvements.

ОС: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


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