Papik. Sounds for the Open Road (2014)

Papik. Sounds for the Open Road (2014)

Жанр: Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz
Формат: mp3 | Качество: 320 kbps | Время звучания: 01:45:48


01. Tender Lies (feat. Ely Bruna)
02. My Sharona (feat. Walter Ricci)
03. Cuore cosa fai (Anonimo veneziano) [feat. Francesca Gramegna]
04. I Will Walk Away (feat. Ely Bruna)
05. Baby I Love Your Way (feat. Ely Bruna & Tom Gaebel)
06. Che sara (feat. Alan Scaffardi)
07. Right Place Right Time (feat. Ely Bruna)
08. I Love the Way (feat. Simona Bencini)
09. September Morn (feat. Ely Bruna)
10. This Time (feat. Walter Ricci)
11. Let the Music Play (feat. Sarah Jane Morris)
12. Innamorarsi di te (feat. Alessandro Pitoni)
13. More Than I Can Bear (feat. Ely Bruna, Mark Reilly & Matt Bianco)

14. The Beauty of the World (feat. Frankie Lovechio)
15. Falling Out of Your Love (feat. Frank Mc Comb)
16. Special Love (feat. Ely Bruna)
17. You Are Everything I Need (feat. Alan Scaffardi)
18. When You Meet Somebody (feat. Andreas Aleman)
19. Stars Above (feat. Dario Daneluz)
20. Your Love Is Enough for Me (feat. Ely Bruna)
21. Morning Delight (feat. Frankie Lovecchio)
22. Feel Me (feat. Erika Scherlin)
23. My Favourite Stranger (feat. Alan Scaffardi)
24. I Feel Alive (feat. Frankie Lovecchio)
25. Sunny (feat. Wendy D. Lewis)
26. Can't Get Enough of Your Love (feat. Frankie Lovecchio)


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