CCCP 2014-01-17 Final


Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) - пакет кодеков, который разрабатывается сразу несколькими группами, занимающимися кодированием/декодированием видео. Именно поэтому СССР должен разрешить любые проблемы, связанные с субтитрами и редкими (экзотическими) форматами видеофайлов.

CCCP 2014-01-17 Final

В набор входят такие кодеки, утилиты и проигрыватели:

  • CoreWavPack
  • FFDShow Tryout
  • Gabest’s FLV Splitter
  • Gabest’s MPV (MPEG-2) Decoder
  • Haali Media Splitter
  • Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
  • VSFilter

ОС: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista и XP SP3

Что нового в этой версии:

  • Updated components:
    • LAV Filters
    • MPC-HC (shows up as 333)
  • General change log:
    • Installer and settings applications
      • WinCPUId is no longer used for SSE detection.
      • Default source filter for OGM is now set to LAV Splitter. A half-year old FFmpeg bug has finally been squished regarding seeking in this container, enabling this change to go forward.
    • MPC-HC
      • MPC-HC's VSFilter/ISR code has been reworked, and the ISR is now quite a bit faster with complex styled subtitles.
      • MPC-HC now has XySubFilter support in its EVR and VMR9-based custom renderers. After XySubFilter has been registered in the system, blocking the "DirectVobSub (auto-loading version)" filter in external filters is the easiest way to get it used with the standard CCCP setup.
      • The mouse cursor will now hide in windowed mode as well in MPC-HC when it is not moved for a certain amount of time on top of the video surface.
      • The menu bar can now be shown when hidden in MPC-HC by pressing the Alt key.
      • The shaders feature has been reworked in MPC-HC. Now the feature has a full page in the Options.
      • MPC-HC is now built with Visual Studio 2013.
    • LAV
      • WMA2 audio in Matroska no longer gets wacky timestamps with LAV Splitter, effectively fixing some older files with this type of audio muxed in.
      • Native MPEG-4 Part 2 (xvid, divx, lavc mpeg4) timestamps in Matroska are now handled correctly in LAV Splitter. Fixes stutter due to incorrect usage of the container timestamps with such files.
      • VC-1 decoding via DXVA2 has been fixed and re-enabled on Intel hardware in LAV Video. Requires relatively new hardware and drivers (Ivy Bridge/Haswell).
      • Various minor Matroska parsing fixes in LAV Splitter. Among other things, seems to fix playback of certain files with humongous FLAC extradata.
      • FFmpeg issue 2739 has finally been fixed. This fixes seeking in OGM files in LAV Splitter.
      • Forced subpicture and PGS subtitle stream selection has been improved in LAV Splitter.
      • Opus audio pre-skip support has been improved in LAV Audio.
      • FFmpeg's AAC decoder now supports correctly a few more types of AAC audio in LAV Audio.
      • Support for reading embedded Cue Sheets from audio files as chapters has been added to LAV Splitter.
      • Support for reporting the stream bitrate through IBitrateInfo (for MPC-HC et al.) has been added to LAV Splitter.
      • Additional metadata from the source file is now exported through IPropertyBag in LAV Splitter.
      • LAV Filters are now built with Visual Studio 2013 and GCC 4.8.2.


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