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MobaXterm Professional Edition 6.6

MobaXterm Professional Edition 6

MobaXterm представляет собой расширенный терминал с X server и набором команд Unix (GNU/Cygwin) упакованных в один портативный файл .exe.

MobaXterm Professional Edition 6.6

Особенности программы:

  • Полностью настроенный Free X server (базирующийся на Xorg)
  • Вкладки в терминале с поддержкой сглаживания шрифтов и макросов
  • Легкий экспорт дисплея с любого удаленного хоста
  • X11-Forwarding в OpenSSH
  • Несколько команд Unix / Linux на основе Cygwin (rsync, wget, sed, awk, grep, cd, ls, cat, cp, ...)
  • Менеджер сеансов со всеми сетевыми клиентами, которые необходимы: RDP, VNC, SSH, telnet, rsh, FTP, SFTP и XDMCP
  • Программа не требует установки, можно запустить даже с USB
  • Легкое и портативное приложение, упакованное в один исполняемый файл

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Что нового в этой версии:

  • Improved SFTP browser (increased performance, added new CTR cipher, automatic reconnection on session lost)
  • Improved RDP sessions by putting each RDP tab in a separate process
  • Added Pageant support (Settings --> Configuration --> SSH tab --> Use Pageant)
  • Added dynamic SSH tunnels (this allows you to easily run SOCKS proxy!)
  • When session logs are enabled, 2 files are now created: "<filename>.log" will contain everything that was typed into the terminal (including special characters and escape sequences) and "<filename>.txt" will contain only printable output
  • Improved SSH gateway connections (increased performances, added new CTR cipher, automatic reconnection on session lost)
  • Improved SSH tunnel connections (increased performances, added new CTR cipher, automatic reconnection on session lost)
  • Corrected some small RDP focus bugs (especially with RDP sessions contained in detached windows)
  • SFTP operations have been made asynchronous in order not to block other MobaXterm features when establishing SFTP connection, downloading file or changing directory
  • Improved MobaTextEditor sessions by putting each MobaTextEditor tab in a separate process
  • SFTP file dates are now displayed using local time and not GMT time
  • Added ASCII mode support for SFTP sessions
  • Corrected a bug: ssh-agent and ssh-pageant were not correctly restarted if MobaXterm process was killed before
  • Added keyboard interactive authentication for SFTP browser
  • Disabled "Follow SSH path" feature when SFTP browser is inactive
  • MobaXterm now preserves directory structure when importing Scrt sessions
  • Corrected a bug: when closing a tab with confirmation message disabled, in some cases the close button did not work at first time
  • Removed user name from MobaXterm temp directory so that firewall rules for X11 server could be set up easily (in order to allow X11 server, add program "%tempfolder%\MobaXterm%Version%\bin\XWin.exe" to the firewall whitelist)
  • Improved ergonomics of settings tabs
  • SFTP browser now displays useful hints when mouse cursor is over a remote file
  • Corrected a bug: when downloading files using the SFTP browser, empty directory were not downloaded
  • Auto-detect FVWM2 version (if you are using FVWM2 plugin, this version is automatically selected)
  • Added commandline parameter "-noX" for disabling X server at startup
  • Added "Connect as..." right-click option on sessions
  • Modified default shortcuts for "Find" (Ctrl+Alt+F) and "Find next" (Ctrl+F3)
  • Updated documentation (New articles added in the FAQ section)
  • Added "disable tools" setting in the customizer
  • Added "disable macros" setting in the customizer
  • Added "force access control" setting in the customizer
  • Added macros import/export feature
  • Added names for SSH tunnels
  • Added new setting for X11 clipboard "disable copy-on-select": this setting prevents X11 clipboard from crashing when displaying some buggy applications
  • Added new menu entry "Take a screenshot"
  • Added new menu entry "View log file"
  • Added new RDP setting "enable/disable clipboard redirection"
  • Added private key setting for SFTP sessions
  • Several cosmetic bugs corrected
  • Added sorting feature for local browser in SFTP and FTP sessions
  • Added a new option for saving a session to a file. Double-clicking on this file on another computer will allow you to launch the session.
  • Added ASCII mode support for FTP sessions
  • Added proxy support for FTP sessions
  • Added FTPS support (FTP over SSL) for FTP sessions
  • Updated Nc and Connect tools in order to allow SSH connections over SOCKS/HTTP proxies
  • Added SOCKS/HTTP/Telnet proxy capabilities for SSH sessions (with SFTP browser!)


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