Registry Workshop 4.3.0

Registry Workshop представляет собой альтернативный вариант стандартному редактору реестра RegEdit. Программа позволяет создавать резервную копию части системного реестра, делать его периодическое восстановление, редактировать значение ключей и параметров и т.д. Программа проста в использовании и имеет понятный интерфейс.

Key Features:

  • Multiple undo and redo. The undo history can be saved to disk and reloaded at startup. screen shot
  • Search and replace registry keys, values and data with super fast search algorithm. On a typical PC, you can search the entire registry in about ten seconds! screen shot
  • Compare registry between computers and/or .REG files with super fast speed.
  • Connect mobile device (Pocket PC, SmartPhone, etc.) registry via ActiveSync.
  • Cut, copy and paste registry keys and values.
  • Drag and drop to move or copy registry keys and values.
  • Edit .REG files and .POL files in the same way as editing system registry. screen shot
  • Backup and restore registry. screen shot
  • Defragment registry with preview. screen shot
  • Easy and flexible Favorites management.
  • Quickly browse registry with address bar, bookmarks and visitation history.
  • Support of linkage aware ability. You can use context menu to navigate to referenced key, open containing folder or open URL if the key or value contains a ProgID, ClassID, folder, file path or URL.
  • Jump to the same key in HKLM or HKCU by context menu.
  • Allow to open multiple local registry windows.
  • Allow to open secure registry keys when running under the administrator privilege.
  • Edit binary data in BYTE, WORD or DWORD format.

What's New in This Release:

  • Added an option to disable the tooltips in Favorites window.
  • Added shortcut key (Ctrl+R) to replace in find results 1.
  • Fixed a bug when importing .reg files.
  • Fixed a bug when open container folder with UNIX style path.
  • Fixed a bug in docking framework.


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