Alchemy Mindworks Presentation Wizard 2.0a61

Alchemy Mindworks Presentation Wizard — программа позволяет создавать захватывающие презентации с графикой, анимацией, и другими мультимедийными элементами. Каждая страница вашей презентации может включать изображения, анимацию, видео, звуки и элементы управления Windows (кнопки, списки и т.д.), поддерживается интерактивность. От вас не потребуется знания программирования, а вся работа над презентацией сводится к нескольким кликам мышью.

Presentation Wizard will build self-displaying, interactive slide shows, electronic books and brochures, clickable advertisements, distributable portfolios and all sorts of other multimedia Windows applications. Almost everything it can accomplish requires nothing more than a few mouse clicks. It has a learning curve so short as to make the operation of your feet seem technical and obtuse by comparison.

Presentation Wizard's documents are EXE files — they can be opened on any system which runs Windows. They don't require any additional run-times or another application to view them. They can be distributed on disks and CD-ROMs, and over the Internet.

A Presentation Wizard presentation can be thought of as being analogous to a very intuitive book. Each page of the book can include pictures, animations, video, sounds and Windows controls such as buttons and list boxes. The pages can turn themselves or wait for their users to click on Next. Unlike the pages of a traditional book, they can talk to their readers if you like. We suggest that you give the readers of your presentations a bit of warning should you have the pages you create do this unexpectedly — especially if some of them have weak hearts.

Key features:

  • Build quick electronic slide shows.
  • Design electronic books that include pictures, sounds, video and interactive elements.
  • Write your own clickable advertisements, to distribute alone or with other products.
  • Assemble a distributable portfolio of your artwork.
  • Distribute your presentations with no viewers, run-times or DLLs to lose


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