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Portable Picture Collage Maker 2.1.2 Build 2491

Picture Collage Maker - это простой интерфейс программы и множество шаблонов позволяющих легко создавать разнообразные фотоколлажи (календари, поздравительные открытки, пригласительные билеты, постеры и т.д.) даже неопытным пользователям. Помимо этого, в программе имеется большое количество масок, рамок и клипартов. Создание коллажей - это расслабляющее времяпровождение помогающее превращать собранные фотографии в драгоценные воспоминания.


  • Easy to Use - Extremely easy to use. No Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!
  • Create Collage - Allows you to create a mixed–image collage page by compiling various pictures of any size; then you can overlay, arrange, adjust and configure the images to match your taste.
  • Photo Collage Wizard - Offers a way to create a photo collage automatically, with selected photos and a single click of a button.
  • Real-Time Editing - Allows you to see your collage changes immediately, without saving and reopening the file.
  • File Formats - Capable of processing most major graphic formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF, TGA, PNG etc)
  • Default Templates - A large number of predefined layout designs or templates contained within Picture Collage Maker. You can use either preset templates or create your own page layouts.
  • Frames and Boarders - Included. A large number of borders and frames are available in the collage program.
  • Backgrounds - Included. A large number of backgrounds are available in the collage program.
  • Clip Art - Included. A large number of cliparts are available in the collage program.
  • Photo Masks - Included. A large number of masks are available in the collage program.
  • Download Additional Clipart, Backgrounds, Masks and Frames - Offers additional collage resources online.
  • Layers - One image can overlap others on a collage page; you choose the order in which to layer the images by moving a selected layer to the back or to the front. You can delete layers you don’t like and replace them with new images.
  • On Screen Text Entry - Opens a text box on your photo collage project. You can resize and move the text to a precise location on your collage page.
  • Editable Text - Allows you to make changes to collage text, such as font style, size and color.
  • Move,Rotate, Resize, Flip Images - Move,Rotates, resizes and flips images inside a frame.
  • Photo Cropping - Allows you to trim away areas of your collage photo.
  • Move Frames - On a collage project template page, you can rearrange the pre–set frame display.
  • Delete Frames - Erase a frame from your collage resource files.
  • Stretch Frame to Fit Page - Decrease or increase frame size so it fits the collage project.
  • Page Orientation - Landscape. Sets the collage project page horizontally at 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. (Other collage page sizes are available.)
  • Page Orientation - Portrait. Sets the collage project page vertically at 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall. (Other collage page sizes are available.)
  • Filters and Photo Effects - Advanced photo editing tools allow you to stylize the look of collage images through the use various filters, such as a grayscale filter, sharpen filter, and a blur filter.
  • Light & Color Managemanet - Allows you to edit image light and color. Picture Collage Maker give you nearly as much control as offered in basic photo editing software packages.
  • Multiple Undos - Allows you to undo several recent collage changes as a group.
  • Send Photo via Email - Send your collage projects to others through email.
  • Print - Print your collage project.
  • Save Collage as Single Picture - Save your collage project as a single picture.
  • Set as Wallpaper - Set your finished collage page as desktop wallpaper or Wallpaper Slideshow.


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